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Performance for Eight Hands And No Cerebral Hemispheres.
Sounds & Objects by: Mikael Reuter, Mikael Ericsson, Kajsa Magnarsson, Julie Ericsson.

Harp Art Lab, Sweden, 23-24 Aug 2019
Galleri Rostrum, Malmö, Sweden, 14 dec 2019
Eter Festival Mejeriet, Lund, Sweden, 25 jan 2020

Produktion: Harp Art Lab

Mikael Ericsson – Master of Arts at the Royal Art Academy in Copenhagen, Denmark. 
Works with drawings, animation, sculpture, sounds, film and television. His works have been exhibited at Malmö Konstmuseum, Röda Sten, Vestfossen Konstmuseum, Moderna Museet, Dunkers Kulturhus, Avesta Art, Sound of Sörmland, and many other places. In the past few years, Ericsson has created a series of large-scale sound and video installations. In 2010, he founded Harp Art Lab together with Julie Ericsson. In 2012, the Millophonia was installed. A self-playing church organ powered by the sails of the windmill. The windmill has also been the place of many international collaboration, including the yearly festival, BZZZ International Sound Art Festival.

 Kajsa Magnarsson – Sound artists, performance artist and musician. Holds a bachelor’s degree in composition at the Högskola för Scen och musik and the Universität der Künste, in Berlin, Germany. She works with performance art, sound installations and club sessions on themes such as gender, intimacy, pop and internet culture. Often combining humoristic elements to her shows. She has been performing and exhibiting her art throughout Europe. Operahuset Stockholm and Gothenburg, Norbergsfestivalen, Sound of Sörmland in Sweden. Gallery X & Beyond in Copenhagen & Young Nordic Music Days in Denmark. Setouchi Triennale in Japan. Plivka in Kiev and Construction Festival in Dnirpo, Ukraine. London Contemporary Music Festival and Bastard Assignments “Fresh and Clean”, in England. Nordic Music Days in Iceland. Specs on! In Berlin and Nordic Music Days in Helsinki, Finland. New Generation 6.0 at Zentrum für Kunst und Medietechnologie in Karlsruhe, Germany. 

 Mikael Reuter – Based in Västerås, Sweden. Works with performance art, drawings, sculpture, collage, music, ballet and acting within theater, television and film.  

 Julie Ericsson – Works with visual arts, sound, sculpture and photography. She has exhibited her art in The Netherlands, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy. She is the artistic director of Harp Art Lab, since it was founded in 2010. She holds an education from the Accademia di Belli Arti, in Venice, Italy.

Harp Art Lab is a laboratory for sound art based in Harplinge windmill, a few kilometers north of Halmstad on the Swedish west coast. The Lab is a unique platform for developing, innovative, interdisciplinary ideas and we work with artists and communities of interest to create performances and installations.

Our main methodology is a socially engaged and discursive sound art practice. The motivations behind our work are predominantly environmental, political, and social in as much as we are attempting to re-mediate contested territories in a scientific and creative way to the public. Harp Art Lab is a non profit organisation founded by Mikael Ericsson and Julie Ericsson in 2010.

Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden