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Agnes Mercedes

Nu närmar det sig den magnifika ljudkonst festivalen BZZZ, på Harp Art Lab i Harplinge, där jag kommer att framföra ett nytt verk nu på Fredag.

Platsen är en väldig väderkvarn med sju våningar, vars hjärta är en kvarnofon som spelar för dig uppifrån toppen när det blåser då den andas med vinden från kvarnen.

Här finns även rum som kan snurra runt många varv surr surr, när de blir på danshumör i vinden, och mitt i allt detta håller just nu jag och många andra musiker och konstnärer på att forma en hel värld av installationer och performance spektakel som kretsar kring våra hotade bin därute, för utan surr och snurr kan vi inte andas..

Detta är verkligen en extra ordinär plats att jobba på, tror även att det kommer bli en suverän festival-värld både för människor och biniiii bin o helt vanliga randiga bin!!ii

Du får även ta med din delfin, om du vill.


Body Mapping

I will introduce the audience to a choir of bees singing together with me, transformed into a "honey queen", processing my voice to the tones and frequencies of the bees via electronic devices of mine.

Probably you´ve heard about the bee dance-language they use to communicate with each other,
introducing maps of where to find valuable flowers with nectar and pollen.
This is what I will continue with in the second part of this performance, making maps for the audience with my movements, dancing the language about where to find the nutrition to live and grow.

Short Biography

My name is Agnes Einerstam Karis, right now I´m studying composition-sound art at The Academy of Music and Drama, and before that mainly been touring intensively with the project Melodic Fairytales (like radio theatre, but music) in most of the Swedish towns and villages at about 200 stages. 
With a wide target group, since I´ve both chosen to sell my acts to common venues and festivals as Södra Teatern, Debaser, South by Southwest (Usa) and so on, but also to art galleries and contemporary music arrangements; Nybrokajen 11, Norbergfestivalen, Färgfabriken m.m, m.m...

Here you have a little more info regarding the repertoire and content:

"Any other artist, dead or alive have ever made anything like this. It´s totally original! Agnes Mercedes creativity and very own expression is so great that one wonders if she is mad or brilliant, but however that may be these melodic tales are more than music. They are work of art". -Zero Music Magazine

These melodic fairytales are told in the made up language "sparkle". This language is a mixture of forgotten dialects. Words with bitter, sweet and sometimes salty aftertaste. All within a frame "sprinkle soundscapes". To a beat of "percussion-like piano playing". Singing with a voice that for one moment can sound like a cartoon, and the next second transform itself into a blue whale with water-tones in the songs... Closer sound appetizer you´ll find here: www.agnesmercedes.com, at Spotify under the alias Agnes Mercedes.

"It doesn´t sound like anything else, or maybe like a extraterrestrial radio theater, in a melodic way." - - The Swedish Radio

An extensive scholarship from STIM paved the way for the release of my debut album Melodic Fairytales(2011), which was released on my own lable Sprak Sprak. 

Are now preparing the release tour for my next album - PopUp Poem.

Link to online material:

Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden