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Maciej Baczyk / Aga Jarzabowa

Maciej Baczyk
Born in 1977, Poland - lives and works in Wroclaw.
A graduate of Cultural Studies at the University of Wrocław. Bączyk works with sound and image in practice and in theory. He has performed and recorded with bands such as AGD, Robotobibok and his current band, Małe Instrumenty.

At the moment he is working on his solo project _N_A__G___R____A_____ , using a NAGRA tape recorder and Synthi AKS analog synthesizer.In 2006 his first exhibition "Invisible Map of Wroclaw" was held at the Awangarda Gallery, Wroclaw, Poland. The project resulted in the publication of the first city guide of Wrocław made by the blind citizens of the city.In 2010 Bączyk returned to visual arts, mainly painting, experimental film and installations. He closely collaborates with the Entropia Gallery in Wrocław where he presents most of his works. Together with Entropia he took part in the Supermarket Art Fair in Stockholm 2014. In his theoretical work he looks for sound hidden in images and images hidden in sound waves and structures.

Aga Jarzabowa
Born in 1977, Poland, lives and works in Wrocław.
A graduate of Graphic Arts and Media Art Faculty at the Academy of Fine Arts in Wrocław. Jarzabowa works as a academic teacher at Media Art Department. She is working with traditional, analogue animation technics like cut-out or noncamera and connect them with digital environments.

         (…) One of the most important features of my works is a long, manual and patient way of doing things. Sometimes I work with close friends or family members. (Especially for BZZZ! International Sound Art Festival - with my wife Aga Jarzabowa). To me, ordinary, everyday objects are the greatest inspiration. I try to perceive them through the dada and conceptualist tradition of contemporary art. I'm interested in putting them in a new context, and give them new meanings in the area of intermedia art.

         Since 2012 I've realized a series of works - It will never end. This expression triggered a group of ideas associated with the notions of infinity, tautology, movement and duration. In some works of my It will never end series, I'm using a NAGRA tape recorder. Rewind of the tape, the passage of time, consciousness of the tape's length - these are elements of simple metaphors in my works with NAGRA. I often perform together with a tape recorder. I use other instruments, mostly analog electronic devices. Works in the area of sound art have always been important part of my artistic activities. Visual aspects of those installations are as important as sound (...).

For the BZZZ International Sound Art Festival we want to prepare noncamera film, using things which are closely connected with bees. We want to put them into transparent celluloid film. We will see effect of this work during audio performance: It will never end Honey Bee, where celluloid film, sounds from magnetic tape and analog electronica meet natural environment of bees.

Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden