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Rima Otilia Qvale

The installation and performance It’s not a complain its a prayer at the BZZZ Sound Art Festival will take the form of a ceremony, where the ritualistic nature of the act is created as an expression for what we don't understand in nature and as seeking of knowledge about the things that are beyond our powers to control. Prior to the festival I have collected empty honey jars from people as a way of spreading information about the phenomenon Colony Collapse Disorder, as well as giving others the opportunity to contribute to the project. The installation will work as a percussion instrument inviting the audience to play on the jars, making music for the bees to come back.

My approach towards my subject matters and materials is often an experimental one. Working in a combination of photography, sculpture, video and sound, my installations blend carefully planned elements with aspects of chance and unpredictability.

After having finished my Master of Fine Art at Edinburgh College of Art spring 2013, I now live and work between Norway and UK.

Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden