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LEIF HOLMSTRAND (S) "Four Site-Specific Works"

"Veins of the Giant Thingy", Leif Holmstrand, 2013

"Veins Of The Giant Thingy" (2013) is one of four site-specific works at Harp Art Lab by Leif Holmstrand. The three other sculptures are installed outdoor, hanging from the balcony of the windmill, exposed by weather and climate change: "High Restrainment", "Babies In A Net" (2013) and "Hymenopteran Bosatsu" (2014).

"High Restrainment", Leif Holmstrand, 2013

"Babies In A Net", Leif Holmstrand, 2013

"Hymenopteran Bosatsu", Leif Holmstrand, 2014


Leif Holmstrand: Swedish artist, musician, writer. A Malmö resident since 1997. Work is currently being done on physical topics such as body essentialism and household waste, distorted through pictorial and linguistic filters of paranoia and phantasm. Heavy sculptural installation pieces built out of garbage, textiles and manipulated cut-up furniture may alternate with sound installation, still image and video. Performance also plays an important part in this body of work. A lot of the projects are small fragments of a much larger, possibly collective queer activist pursuit. Born 1972.


Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden