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The knowledge base and the experience acquired since the start of Harp Art Lab have been converted into an innovation model, Harp Innovation Model, which is a sustainable development model for cultural organisations. The aim of Harp Innovation Model is to preserve and enhance the overall outcome of 60 projects created at Harp Art Lab through a range of interventions, including seminars, temporary site-specific art projects and in-depth studies of culture, creativity and arts.

Harp Art Lab serves as a venue where cultural economic theories can be tested alongside artistic interventions and other cultural projects. The model has been developed by applying theory to practice with the aim of developing the skill base of cultural organisations and other projects on a national and international level.

HARP TALKS is a series of seminars about Harp Art Lab’s activities, showcasing examples of completed art projects. Harp Talks targets individuals interested in innovative methods of development.

HARP WORKS is a workshop in which the Harp Innovation Model is theoretically described in order to implement practical exercises into activities. This workshop requires no previous knowledge as it aims to meet the needs of the target group.

HARP MOBILE is a temporary site-specific intervention, such as concerts, sound and video installations and performances. Harp Art Lab designs these projects based on the needs of the sites in question. Harp Mobile targets organisations and other stakeholders within both the private and the public sector.

HARP RESEARCH is a cultural analysis method, which lays the foundation for future development processes. The method analyses a site and its unique needs following which specific practical solutions are proposed. Harp Research targets destination developers, cultural heritage projects, urban planner and cultural institutions.


Mikael Ericsson
Chief of Artistic Operations / Founder
+46 70 730 4631

Julie Ericsson
CEO / Art Laboratory Director / Founder
+46 70 541 64 58

Harp Art Lab, Kvarnliden 8, S-305 60 Harplinge, Sweden
Visit the website: www.harpartlab.se
Facebook: www.facebook.com/harpartlab

Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden