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Director of Harp Art Lab and Visual Artist.

Julie Ericssons career in the art business started in Italy where she worked as a PR manager in her own publishing company. The company published art books in Italy, Switzerland, Germany and France. The clients was offered a complete solution, from the idea of the art catalogue to the editing and publishing.

For the last ten years she have been working full time as an artist. She has a very broad field of artistical expressions: painting, music, photography and sculpture. She has been exhibited in art galleries in Sweden, Spain, France, Belgium and Italy.

In 2010 she founded Harp Art Lab with Mikael Ericsson. The vision was create a platform for developing, innovative, interdisciplinary ideas and to invite artists to create new works in the historical building of Harplinge windmill.

Website: www.nemeti.se & www.attimi.se
E-mail: julie@harpartlab.se
Tel: 070 5416458

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