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MAX WAINWRIGHT (S) “Sound-Object Factory-Installation”

I envision creating a workshop, or small factory, where useless or broken objects are brought to sound in many ways. I would be there most of the time, but during my breaks I would leave objects sounding, instruments for visitors to play, or perhaps just silence and a still life to view. One goal would be to engage the audience: in conversation; in creating instruments with me; in trading, donating or receiving objects; performing on the instruments, or of course simply watching and listening. A visitor might want to listen to a favourite song through a pine cone, or borrow tools and ideas to combine two of their belongings into a new object (which might not even involve sound), or just record a performance of their own with whatever is available at that time. Anything made might be disassembled or given away—things will always be in flux. Much will be documented in photography, video and/or sound, and uploaded to a wiki made for this purpose.

I will document the weekend here: http://www.maxwainwright.com/wiki/index.php?title=BZZZ


My name is Max Wainwright and I make things and sounds. I tend to focus on how to make sounds (what physical activities are involved) and with what I make them. Interests related to the how are (lack of) control and planning: I want to keep things open, let events unfold as they will; any resulting sounds are acceptable. They are interesting not primarily in themselves but in relation to how they were made. I live in Gothenburg, Sweden.


Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden