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For the BZZZ Festival, Michele Collins will tranform parts of Harplinge windmill into a "Speakers Corner" or rather "Wisdom's Corner". In this site-specific work, the audience will be encouraged to participate to re-use their words, remix their meanings and reclaim their power and the freedom of speech. A new sense of place and power will be explored. Express yourself! Welcome to participate and re-create!


Michele Colloins is a multi-disciplinary performer from San Fransisco USA, living in Sweden. Rhythm, tempo and tone along with, sincerity and responsiveness are the main elements used in her work. For over 30 years she has created herown inter-disciplinary productions and collaborated in productions with musicians dancers and filmmakers worldwide. Performances are everchanging, formed and flavored by the playfulness of the actors and the response from the audiences. She is constantly renewing and reviewing her artistry, relating it to other artists of her trade.


Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden