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MARTA FORSBERG (S) “Weave and Dream”

"Weave and Dream" is an exploration of darkness, light and color where I use LED light, fabric, sequins and minimalistic drone-based electronic music. During BZZZ 2015, I want to explore the political aspect of my creativity based on the need to create your own rooms that takes a lot of place loudly and visually. This will be the framework around a parallel reality, like walls of glass against the rest of the world. Here I move freely and invite others to visit me. "Weave and Dream" stands for safety, space, rest and glow. A room to embrace and rest in, where the only thing that exists is what is happening here and now.

15 sec interview with Marta Forsberg - BZZZ 2015

15 sec performance with Marta Forsberg - BZZZ 2015


My name is Marta Forsberg, and I am currently a bachelor student in Electroacoustic composition at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. I am a violinist and a electroacoustic composer. I work in the field of free improvisation and slow, drone based music. My main aspiration as a composer is to create an all embracing environment for the music, performers and the audience by visualising sound with colour and light constructions. I perform continually as a violinist and electronica musician both as a solo artist and in various ensembles.

In early childhood I made my roots in classical orchestral music via the violin. Since then I’ve incorporated the violin into a multitude of alternative musical settings, such as Swedish folk music, free improvised music, and electroacoustic music. After moving from Härnösand in northern Sweden to Stockholm in 2010, my compositional inspirations and improvisational horizons greatly expanded to amount the formation of several strong music ensembles, from which I gained beneficial experience in live performance and collaboration. In 2012 I shifted my solo compositional focus towards drone influenced music based on electronically processed violin, trombone and organ sounds. During my studies at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm, I’ve taken my drone-based musical approach and applied it to multichannel environments and light installations. My current interest is mainly connecting music and light. To do this I’ve utilised the object coding software Max/MSP and recently I’ve delved into the possibilities of building LED-light constructions in space-specific installations


Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden