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a project about the life and death of honey bees

BZZZ! International Sound Art Festival is over for this year and all the wonderful artists that made this possible has left Harp Art Lab. The festival was well documented and we will bring you the best from all the concerts and performances in the coming weeks. Thanks again to all the artists, beekeapers and the audience who made BZZZ! to a great success!

But The Show Must Go On!

Harp Art Lab is open every weekend Friday to Sunday when you can experience some amazing site specific installations made for the festival. The exhibition consists of 12 site-specific works connected to the theme of honey bees: non camera animations, conceptual computer games, interactive sound sculptures, video installations, wallpaintings, drawings and custom built instruments.

About BZZZ!
In recent years, bee colonies have collapsed in several parts of the world. Nobody knows for sure why, but a variety of different and sometimes contested theories have been presented and debated.
To put focus on this issue HARP ART LAB invited artists and beekeepers to create installations and performances connected to the theme of honey bees, thereby transforming Harplinge windmill into a "hive" of sounds. The response have been overwhelming with participators from Sweden, Poland, Ireland, UK, Norway, Lithuania, USA, Finland and Turkey. The ambition to create processes in the community between local residents and artists from abroad, have been achieved.

Charli Clark/Can Uzer, Agnes Mercedes, Rima Otilia Qvale, Leif Holmstrand, Michele Collins, Ruta Vitkauskaite, Bioni Samp, Maciej Baczyk/Aga Jarzabowa, Mikael Reuter, Simon Mattisson, Klara Andersson, Niklas Sjösvärd, Softday (Mikael Fernström/Sean Taylor), Rickard Fredborg/Ann Louise Liljedahl, Stefan Isebring/Hanna Östergren, Sara B Nilsson, Mikael Ericsson & Zabutom

Curator: Kajsa Magnarsson

EXHIBITION: July 4 - aug 17, 1 p.m. - 6 p.m.
HARP ART LAB, Harplinge Väderkvarn, Kvarnliden 8, Harplinge, Sweden
Contact: ericsson@trumtrum.se / 0046 70 7304631
Free entrance

About BZZZ! International Sound Art Festival, Sveriges Television

Niklas Sjösvärd - in front of "Flower Hive Variations" - an audiovisual work for two projections and sound

Hymenopteran Bosatsu - Sound Sculpture by Leif Holmstrand 2014

Film and Dance Performance - Rickard Fredborg

Music - Ann-Louise Liljedahl

Charli Clarke and Can Uzer installing SWARM
- an interactiv sound sculpture

Non Camera Animation by Maciej Baczyk and Aga Jarzabowa

Bioni Samp - "Beespace or Hive Synthesis"

Agnes Mercedes

Ruta Vitkauskaite - "Something Personal" - a one-to-one performance

Simon Mattisson in front of "Interactive Flower and Bees"

Rima Otilia Qvale preparing her performance: "It’s not a complain its a prayer"

Klara Andersson performed a new piece for the BZZZ! festival

From Softdays concert "Sonic Pareidolic Ceromancy" at BZZZ!

Michele Collins

Mikael Reuter - Mobile Sound Healing of Harplinge and Halmstad

Stefan Isebring and Hanna Östergren are preparing their performance for 35 reel tape recorders, cello, theremin, nyckelharpa, bumblebees and vevlira with director of artistic operations Mikael Ericsson.

Program (pdf)
Pressphotos, films and texts about the artists, click here!
More press photos, click here
Contact: ericsson@trumtrum.se / 0046 70 7304631

Harp Art Lab is a laboratory for sound art situated in Harplinge Windmill on the Swedish west coast. The Lab is a unique platform for developing, innovative, interdisciplinary ideas and we work with artists and communities of interest to create performances and installations.

Our main methodology is a socially engaged and discursive sound art practice. The motivations behind our work are predominantly environmental, political, and social in as much as we are attempting to re-mediate contested territories in a scientific and creative way to the public.

Founders: Julijana Nemeti & Mikael Ericsson.

Harp Art Lab | Harplinge Windmill | Sweden